Director Office/Portfolio 
Robert Kennedy Chair
Gary O’Neill Vice Chair
Paul Rooney Secretary
Chris Mooney Assistant Secretary
Allan MacLeod Treasurer
Theresa Collie Assistant Treasurer
Graeme Gallie Director of Audit
Angela Wood Director of Risk
Austin Dorrian Director of Compliance
Derrick Johnstone Director of Marketing
Natalie Carr Director
George Nedley Director/CEO


  • Loans

    We do not use representative rates, the rates are applicable to the amount you borrow and all successful applications get the rate we quote.

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  • Member Services

    Loan Protection, Life Savings Cover and our innovative Payment Waiver Scheme are just some of the ways "We've got your back"

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  • Free Member Products

    Getting your hands on your free Card Defender is easy, all you have to do is contact us on  0141 771 1314 and confirm your membership details and we'll send one out.

    Call: 0141 771 1314