It’s here to call on when you need it most …

See something while out shopping? Or is your online basket waiting to be paid for?

Or do you have an unexpected bill or car repair?

Simply open your SPCU app and click withdraw choosing your Budget Booster account – then BANG it’s in your bank in minutes!

Whatever you need to boost your budget for, this account is here for you at your fingertips – no need for a new loan application each time, apply for the limit you need and use it as and when you have to.

It’s a fantastic alternative to overdrafts, credit cards and payday loans who charge high interest rates on outstanding balances. With our Budget Booster, you only repay interest on your reducing balance and then the money is available to use again!

How do I access the funds?

  • Activate your account online to access your ‘Members Area’.
  • Visit your My Accounts tab and scroll down to your Budget Booster account and click ‘withdraw’. Funds are transferred instantly!
  • Or why not download our app and withdraw? Search SPCU in the Appstore and download for free!

I want to apply

Don’t delay – call us today!
Call 0141 771 1314 to speak to our Loans team about our Budget Booster- they are ready for your call!


  • Loans

    We do not use representative rates, the rates are applicable to the amount you borrow and all successful applications get the rate we quote.

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  • Member Services

    Loan Protection, Life Savings Cover and our innovative Payment Waiver Scheme are just some of the ways "We've got your back"

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  • Free Member Products

    Getting your hands on your free Card Defender is easy, all you have to do is contact us on  0141 771 1314 and confirm your membership details and we'll send one out.

    Call: 0141 771 1314