List Of Employers

Do you work for a police organisation or law enforcement agency listed below? Or have you retired from the organisation? Are you a Special Constable?

If you are, then great news, you qualify to be a member of Scottish Police Credit Union – come and join thousands of your colleagues and their families saving and borrowing sensibly with their Credit Union.
And if you are a member of their family, or a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer, then don’t panic as we want you as members too! Have a look at our Savings page to see more information on how family members can join.

You Can Get a New Member Loan too!

Why not take our £500 New Member Loan and treat yourself. Any new member over the age of 18 automatically qualifies, so just complete the details on the membership application and leave the rest to us! Or if you are in need of more than this, as a member you can immediately apply for a loan and we do loan amounts up to £25,000.

T&C’s apply. Subject to previous borrowing for members rejoining.

(£500 over 6 or 12 months at 12.7% APR)

Salary Deduction

Salary deduction means making your payments to your Credit Union could not be any easier, however while we continue to try and get this great benefit for all our members we do not receive salary deduction from all employers. The table below confirms the payment method currently available to you.

Employer Salary Deduction Direct Debit
Police Scotland YES
British Transport Police YES
Scottish Police Authority YES
Scottish Criminal Records Office YES
Scottish Police Federation YES
PTC Auchterarder YES
Scottish Police Recreation Association YES
Ministry of Defence Police YES
Civil Nuclear Constabulary YES
National Crime Agency YES
HMRC- SCC Gartcosh YES
Food Standards Agency – SCC Gartcosh YES
SEPA – SCC Gartcosh YES
COPFS – SCC Gartcosh YES
UK Border Force – SCC Gartcosh YES
Fire Scotland – SCC Gartcosh YES
Scottish Ambulance Service – SCC Gartcosh YES
HOIE – SCC Gartcosh YES
DWP – SCC Gartcosh YES
DVSA – SCC Gartcosh YES
Security Industry Authority – SCC Gartcosh YES

Our Common Bond

Common bond qualifications for membership

Admission to membership of the Credit Union is restricted to:
7(1) An individual who follows, or has retired from, the occupations in the following groups:
a) Police Officer
b) Police Support Staff
c) Police Staff Associations’ Employees
d) Special Constables and Traffic Wardens
7(2) A body corporate, an individual in his / her capacity as a partner in a partnership, an individual in his / her capacity as an officer or member of the governing body of an unincorporated association, if the body corporate, partnership or unincorporated association:
– requires it to employ or otherwise engage persons who follow the above occupations
– relates to the above occupations in the following way:- provides services related to the above occupations
7(3) An individual who is employed by the Scottish Police Credit Union Limited.
7(4) An individual who is a member of the same household as, and is a relative of, an individual who is a member of the credit union and falls directly within a common bond specified above.
7(5) An individual who is otherwise associated with members of the Police service by being an adult or junior member of the Police Scotland Youth Volunteer Scheme
7(6) An individual who is employed by one of the following agencies and is based within the Scottish Crime Campus at Gartcosh

  • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
  • Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
  • Fire Scotland
  • Scottish Ambulance Service
  • UK Border Force (UKBF)
  • Home Office Immigration and Enforcement (HOIE)
  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Security Industry Authority (SIA)


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