Thousands of people participate in leisure time activities some to keep themselves fit, some for fun and some just to get them out the house!!

Whatever your reason for your leisure pursuits some can be very expensive to participate in. A Leisure Loan from Scottish Police Credit Union can help spread the cost so whether you need a new horse box, a new set of golf clubs or even a new canoe we can help you get out there and enjoy your spare time.

Features & Benefits

  • available to all members after 1st regular deposit
  • borrow any amount up to £10,000
  • repay between 6 and 60 months
  • can be refinanced for further leisure purchases up to the limit of £10,000
  • included loan protection insurance (T&C’s Apply)
  • included payment waiver protection insurance (T&C’s Apply)
  • no set up fees or early repayment penalties
  • guaranteed loan interest rates not representative rates
  • can be paid to you or a third party

Please note that savings held in your membership account are secured against your total outstanding loan balances and access to them is restricted while your total loan balance is higher than your savings. This helps mitigate any potential losses should you find yourself unable to make your loan repayments and protects the wider membership.


  • Loans

    We do not use representative rates, the rates are applicable to the amount you borrow and all successful applications get the rate we quote.

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  • Member Services

    Loan Protection, Life Savings Cover and our innovative Payment Waiver Scheme are just some of the ways "We've got your back"

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    Getting your hands on your free Card Defender is easy, all you have to do is contact us on  0141 771 1314 and confirm your membership details and we'll send one out.

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